Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Distraction

ICR 200901-0910-001

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0910-0634 200901-0910-001
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Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Distraction
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This ICR is approved consistent with amended supporting statement. Specifically, FDA acknowledges that there is a tradeoff between the specificity and control of the research setting, and consequently the utility of the findings, and the generalizability of the findings to the field as a whole. While this study has internal validity, therefore, FDA acknowledges that it has limited external validity. Thus, FDA agrees that this study will not be used to directly inform policy but, rather, that this study represents the first step in FDA's process of investigating this issue scientifically. The study is one piece of the puzzle that will help FDA fulfill its mission to protect public health from false and misleading DTC prescription drug advertisements.
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FDA regulations require that advertisements that make claims about a prescription drug include a "fair balance" of information about the benefits and risks of advertised products, in terms of both content and presentation. Ads can present information in ways that can optimize or skew the relative balance of risks and benefits. Both healthcare providers and consumers have expressed concerns to FDA about the effectiveness of its regulation of manufacturers' Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) prescription drug advertising, especially as it relates to assuring balanced communication of risks compared with benefits.

US Code: 42 USC 300u(a)(4) Name of Law: Public Health Service Act

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  72 FR 47051 08/22/2007
73 FR 79887 12/30/2008

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The purpose of the proposed study is to gather empirical evidence to address concerns that the use of competing, compelling visual information about potential drug benefits in DTC advertsing interfers with viewers' processing and comprehension of risk information about drugs.

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