Restricted Sale, Distribution, and Use of Sunlamp Products

ICR 201609-0910-001

OMB: 0910-0825

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0910-0825 201609-0910-001
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Restricted Sale, Distribution, and Use of Sunlamp Products
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Comment filed on proposed rule 12/06/2016
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 09/13/2016
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FDA is establishing device restrictions for sunlamp products to address the risks to health that these devices pose to users. The proposed requirements establish device restrictions for sunlamp products that: (1) Restrict use to individuals age 18 years and older; (2) require the provision of requested user manuals by facilities to users; (3) require sunlamp product 510(k) holders to provide, upon request, a copy of the sunlamp product user manual to any tanning facility operator, sunlamp product user, or prospective user with respect to any sunlamp product they manufactures/manufactured or distributes/distributed; and (4) require prospective users to sign a risk acknowledgement certification before use (unless the prospective user has previously signed the certification within the preceding 6 months). This ICR relates to information collection, including recordkeeping and third-party disclosure, by tanning facility operators at facilities where sunlamp products are offered for sale as the primary business (tanning salons) or nonprimary business (for example, a gym) and by manufacturers/distributors of sunlamp products.

US Code: 21 USC 374(a) Name of Law: null
   US Code: 21 USC 360j(e) Name of Law: null

0910-AH14 Proposed rulemaking 80 FR 79493 12/22/2015


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