Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program

ICR 201707-0910-006

OMB: 0910-0027

Federal Form Document

ICR Details
0910-0027 201707-0910-006
Historical Active 201407-0910-005
Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program
Extension without change of a currently approved collection   No
Approved without change 09/22/2017
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 08/22/2017
  Inventory as of this Action Requested Previously Approved
09/30/2020 36 Months From Approved 09/30/2017
12,187 0 7,827
3,233 0 1,987
0 0 0

This information collection supports agency regulations regarding voluntary registration for cosmetic firms and FDA's Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP). The VCRP provides FDA with information about the locations, business trade names, and types of activity (manufacturing and packaging) of participating establishments. FDA uses the information to support implementation of the cosmetic regulatory provisions under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

US Code: 21 USC 301 et seq. Name of Law: Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

Not associated with rulemaking

  82 FR 24977 05/31/2017
82 FR 39795 08/22/2017

  Total Approved Previously Approved Change Due to New Statute Change Due to Agency Discretion Change Due to Adjustment in Estimate Change Due to Potential Violation of the PRA
Annual Number of Responses 12,187 7,827 0 0 4,360 0
Annual Time Burden (Hours) 3,233 1,987 0 0 1,246 0
Annual Cost Burden (Dollars) 0 0 0 0 0 0
This information collection reflects agency adjustments. The total annual number of responses reflects an overall increase from 7,827 to 12,187 responses (an increase of 4,360 responses) and a total annual hour burden increase from 1,987 to 3,233 hours (an increase of 1,246 hours). We attribute the increase to industry growth, specifically an increase in the number of respondents. Specific fluctuations to the individual information collections are summarized in Q15.

Ila Mizrachi 301 796-7726 [email protected]


On behalf of this Federal agency, I certify that the collection of information encompassed by this request complies with 5 CFR 1320.9 and the related provisions of 5 CFR 1320.8(b)(3).
The following is a summary of the topics, regarding the proposed collection of information, that the certification covers:
    (i) Why the information is being collected;
    (ii) Use of information;
    (iii) Burden estimate;
    (iv) Nature of response (voluntary, required for a benefit, or mandatory);
    (v) Nature and extent of confidentiality; and
    (vi) Need to display currently valid OMB control number;
If you are unable to certify compliance with any of these provisions, identify the item by leaving the box unchecked and explain the reason in the Supporting Statement.

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