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Section 76.1610, Change of Operational Information; FCC Form 324, Operator, Mail Address, and Operational Status Changes

OMB: 3060-1045

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OMB Control Number: 3060-1045 September 2017

Section 76.1610, Change of Operational Information; FCC Form 324, Operator, Mail Address, and Operational Status


A. Justification:

1. Under 47 CFR Section 76.1610, cable operators must notify the Commission of changes in ownership information or operating status within 30 days of such change. FCC Form 324 is used to update information filed with the Commission concerning the Cable Community Registration. The information is the basic operational information on operator name, mailing address, community served, and system identification. FCC Form 324 will cover a variety of changes related to cable operators, replacing the requirement of a letter containing approximately the same information. Every Form 324 filing will require information about the system - the additional information required depending largely upon the nature of the change.

The Commission is seeking an extension of this information collection in order to receive the full three year OMB approval/clearance for this information collection.

This information collection does not affect individuals or households; thus, there are no impacts under the Privacy Act.

Statutory authority for this collection of information is contained in Sections 154(i), 303, 308, 309, and 621 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

2. Commission staff uses the data to communicate with the cable system operator as necessary to ensure its obligations are met under Title VI of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

3. The form will be filed electronically.

4. No other agency imposes a similar information collection on the respondents. There is no similar data available.

5. This collection of information does not have a significant impact on a substantial amount of small businesses.

6. If the Commission did not require the collection of this information, it would be unable to maintain contact with cable system operators to verify compliance with statutory requirements.

7. There are no special circumstances.

8. The Commission published a Notice (82 FR 31971) in the Federal Register on July 11, 2017 seeking comment from the public on the information collection requirements contained in this collection. No comments were received from the public as a result of the Notice.

9. No payment of gift was provided to the respondents.

10. There is no need for confidentiality with this collection of information.

11. This collection of information does not address any private matters of a sensitive nature.

12. We estimate that there are 5, 000 cable system operators (respondents) who will file one FCC Form 324 annually.

The estimated number of filings per year is 5, 000.

The estimated average burden for each FCC Form 324 is 30 minutes (0.5 hours). These estimates are based on Commission staff’s knowledge and familiarity with the data required.

Total Number of Annual Respondents: 5,000 Cable System Operators

Total Number of Annual Responses: 5,000 FCC Form 324 filings

Total Annual Burden Hours: 5,000 x 0.5 hours = 2,500 hours

Annual “In-house cost”: The respondent is estimated to have an average salary of $1000,000/year ($48.08/hour).

5,000 FCC Form 324 filings x 0.5 hours/filing x $48.08/hour = $120,200

13. Annual Cost Burden:

(a) Total annualized capital/startup costs: None

(b) Total annual costs (O&M): None

(c) Total annualized cost requested: None

14. Cost to the Federal Government: The agency will use a clerical GS-5, step 5 level employee to process FCC Form 324 filings.

Annual FCC Form 324 filings: 5,000. Average processing time: 0.25 hours

Total hours Cost per Cost per Total

Per Form Hour Application Cost

Clerical 0.25 hours $19.70 $5,000 $24,625

Total Cost to the Federal Government: $24,625

15. There are no program changes or adjustments to this collection.

16. The data will not be published.

17. We request extension of the waiver not to publish the expiration date on the form. This will obviate the need for the Commission to update electronic forms upon the expiration date of the clearance. OMB approval of the expiration date of the information collection will be displayed at 47 CFR Section 0.408.

18. There are no exceptions to the Certification Statement.

B. Collections of Information Employing Statistical Methods

No statistical methods are employed.


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