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PTRC StatsWorksheet

PTRC Metric Worksheet

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PTRCs Statistics Input Worksheet
Quarterly Reporting Period: October, November, December 2011
Name of library __________________________________
Name of approving submitter_______________________________
E-mail address of approving submitter________________________
Phone number of approving submitter________________________
Which of the following best describes your library type? Please select only one
Academic: _______
State Government: ______
Public: ______
Special: ______

Direct Support to Patent and Trademark Customers
1. What is the total number of one-on-one patent and trademark customer assistance and
number of customers attending classes/programs quarterly?
Number of walk in customers: _________
Number of e-mail customers: __________
Number of phone customers: __________
Number of training classes/programs (either at your library or another location):___________
Number of people attending training classes/programs
(either at your library or another location): ____________
2. What is the number of patent and trademark customers assisted using PTRC web
This number should include customers that used your library’s PTRC web pages for patent and
trademark information including on-line tutorials. This number can be derived from number of
hits on your library’s web pages.
3. Indicate the level of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff that support your library’s patent
and trademark operations. Please also include volunteers. MtExplan0
Exof FTE.5


Customer Outreach
4. Number and kinds of special outreach. Please list here and estimate attendance at special
community outreach events you take part in that promote patents and trademarks such as school
inventive project judging, marketing to businesses, special fairs, invention conventions and other
outreach events.
Name of Event

Estimated Attendance

For assistance with input, contact PTDLOFFICE

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