Sections 17.4, 17.48 and 17.49, Antenna Structure Registration Requirements

ICR 201804-3060-003

OMB: 3060-0645

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3060-0645 201804-3060-003
Active 201503-3060-007
Sections 17.4, 17.48 and 17.49, Antenna Structure Registration Requirements
Extension without change of a currently approved collection   No
Approved without change 05/24/2018
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 04/12/2018
  Inventory as of this Action Requested Previously Approved
05/31/2021 36 Months From Approved 05/31/2018
154,162 0 475,134
18,109 0 50,198
51,900 0 64,380

The Commission has adopted a Report and Order (Order) in WT Docket No. 10-88, FCC 14-117 that revises the Commission's rules governing the construction, marking and lighting of antenna structures. The Commission initiated this proceeding to update and modernize the Commission's rules. The Commission is requesting approval for the extension of this collection for a three year period from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the disclosure, reporting, and record keeping requirements pertaining to Part 17 of the Commission's rules.

US Code: 47 USC 153 Name of Law: Communications Act of 1934, as amended
   US Code: 47 USC 303 Name of Law: Communications Act of 1934, as amended

Not associated with rulemaking

  83 FR 4202 01/30/2018
83 FR 15564 04/11/2018

  Total Approved Previously Approved Change Due to New Statute Change Due to Agency Discretion Change Due to Adjustment in Estimate Change Due to Potential Violation of the PRA
Annual Number of Responses 154,162 475,134 0 0 -320,972 0
Annual Time Burden (Hours) 18,109 50,198 0 0 -32,089 0
Annual Cost Burden (Dollars) 51,900 64,380 0 0 -12,480 0
This is an extension of a currently approved collection which includes the following changes: a. An adjustment of -4,000 respondents, from 20,000 to 16,000. b. An adjustment of -320,972 responses, from 475,134 to 154,162. c. An adjustment of -32,089 annual burden hours for this collection, from 50,198 to 18,109. d. An adjustment of -12,480 annualized costs to the respondents, from $64,380 to $51,900.

Michael Smith 202 418-0584


On behalf of this Federal agency, I certify that the collection of information encompassed by this request complies with 5 CFR 1320.9 and the related provisions of 5 CFR 1320.8(b)(3).
The following is a summary of the topics, regarding the proposed collection of information, that the certification covers:
    (i) Why the information is being collected;
    (ii) Use of information;
    (iii) Burden estimate;
    (iv) Nature of response (voluntary, required for a benefit, or mandatory);
    (v) Nature and extent of confidentiality; and
    (vi) Need to display currently valid OMB control number;
If you are unable to certify compliance with any of these provisions, identify the item by leaving the box unchecked and explain the reason in the Supporting Statement.

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