Generic Clearance for Quick Turnaround Testing of Communication Effectiveness

ICR 201908-0910-004

OMB: 0910-0876

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0910-0876 201908-0910-004
Generic Clearance for Quick Turnaround Testing of Communication Effectiveness
New collection (Request for a new OMB Control Number)   No
Approved without change 09/10/2019
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 08/16/2019
  Inventory as of this Action Requested Previously Approved
09/30/2022 36 Months From Approved
93,288 0 0
10,881 0 0
529,699 0 0

This information collection request supports the creation of an information collection for the development of a “Generic Clearance for Quick Turnaround Testing of Communication Effectiveness.” Section 1003(d)(2) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 393(d)(2)) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act authorizes the FDA to conduct food research and educational and public information programs relating to the safety of the nation’s food supply. The generic studies covered by this request will be used to test FDA communications and educational messages related to FDA-regulated food and cosmetic products, dietary supplements, and animal food and feed when there is a need for a quick OMB clearance turnaround during matters requiring urgent public health communications. Collecting information from consumers and other stakeholders during urgent public health matters will help ensure that FDA’s messaging has reached the target audience and has been understood. Data will be collected using self-report web-based surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one in-depth interviews.

US Code: 21 USC 393(d)(2) Name of Law: FD&C Act

Not associated with rulemaking

  84 FR 12617 04/02/2019
84 FR 35392 07/23/2019

  Total Approved Previously Approved Change Due to New Statute Change Due to Agency Discretion Change Due to Adjustment in Estimate Change Due to Potential Violation of the PRA
Annual Number of Responses 93,288 0 0 93,288 0 0
Annual Time Burden (Hours) 10,881 0 0 10,881 0 0
Annual Cost Burden (Dollars) 529,699 0 0 529,699 0 0
Miscellaneous Actions
This is a new collection of information.

Ila Mizrachi 301 796-7726 [email protected]


On behalf of this Federal agency, I certify that the collection of information encompassed by this request complies with 5 CFR 1320.9 and the related provisions of 5 CFR 1320.8(b)(3).
The following is a summary of the topics, regarding the proposed collection of information, that the certification covers:
    (i) Why the information is being collected;
    (ii) Use of information;
    (iii) Burden estimate;
    (iv) Nature of response (voluntary, required for a benefit, or mandatory);
    (v) Nature and extent of confidentiality; and
    (vi) Need to display currently valid OMB control number;
If you are unable to certify compliance with any of these provisions, identify the item by leaving the box unchecked and explain the reason in the Supporting Statement.

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