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Supplement No. 2 to Part 748–page 7

(o) Technology

(1) License application instructions. If you are submitting a license application for the export or reexport of technology you must check the box labeled “Letter of Explanation” in Block 6, enter the word “Technology” in Block 9, leave Blocks 22(e) and (i) blank, and include a general statement that specifies the technology (e.g., blueprints, manuals, etc.) in Block 22(j).

(2) Letter of explanation. Each license application to export or reexport technology must be supported by a comprehensive letter of explanation. This letter must describe all the facts for a complete disclosure of the transaction including, if applicable, the following information:

(i) The identities of all parties to the transaction;

(ii) The exact project location where the technology will be used;

(iii) The type of technology to be exported or reexported;

(iv) The form in which the export or reexport will be made;

(v) The uses for which the data will be employed;

(vi) An explanation of the process, product, size, and output capacity of all items to be produced with the technology, if applicable, or other description that delineates, defines, and limits the data to be transmitted (the “technical scope”); and

(vii) The availability abroad of comparable foreign technology.

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