Emergency Conservation Program and Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP)

Emergency Conservation Program and Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP)


Emergency Conservation Program and Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP)

OMB: 0560-0082

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Instructions For FSA-578 Manual


This form is used by program participants of the Noninsured Disaster Assistance? Program, Crop Disaster Program, Loan Deficiency Program, Marketing Assistance Program and Tobacco program.? The purpose of the form is to collect acreage data to determine program eligibility.

Submit the original of the completed form in hard copy or facsimile to the appropriate USDA servicing office.

Customers who have established electronic access credentials with USDA may electronically transmit this form to the USDA servicing office, provided that (1) the customer submitting the form is the only person required to sign the transaction, or (2) the customer has an approved Power of Attorney (Form FSA-211) on file with USDA to sign for other customers for the program and type of transaction represented by this form.

Features for transmitting the form electronically are available to those customers with access credentials only.? If you would like to establish online access credentials with USDA, follow the instructions provided at the USDA eForms web site.

Producers must complete Items 1 through 20 and Items 22A through 23.? The County Office will complete the second row of boxes for determined acres in Item 17.

Items 1-20

Fld Name /
Item No.



Farm No.

Enter the Farm number.?

Note:? The farm number is assigned by the COF.



Enter total farmland.



Enter total cropland.


Program Yr.

Enter Applicable program year.


Operator Name and Address

Enter operator name and address.


Other Farms

Enter other farms for which the operator has an interest.



Enter the key number for each Aother producer@.

Note:? The key is assigned to each Aother producer@ in order to easily assign producers to a field in Item 18.? For example, 3 producers would be assigned key numbers of 1, 2 and 3.? When indicating which producers are associated with each individual field, the key numbers would be entered in Item 18.


Names of other Producers

Enter the names of Aother producers@ that have an interest in the farm being reported.? These names will correspond with the key numbers in Item 7.


ID Number

Enter the last 4 digits of the ID that corresponds with the other producers in Item 8.


Other Farms

Enter additional farms that the Aother producer@ has an interest.


Photo No. - Legal Description

Enter the Photo number or legal description of the farm/tract being reported.


Tract No.

Enter the tract number.


Field No.

Enter the field number from the aerial photo.?

Example:? If the entire field has been planted to one crop then the field number would be a whole number.? If the field has been planted with several crops, then the field must be sub-divided and field numbers assigned, such as 1a, 1b and 1c.


Crop or Land Use

Enter the crop and type name, for the field entered.

Example:? Corn, some of the valid types is: Blue, Popcorn, Sweet and Yellow.

Wheat, some of the valid types are Hard Amber Durum, Hard Red Spring, and Hard White Winter

Note:? A complete listing of crops and types can be obtained from the County Office.



Enter the practice.

I - Irrigated


O-Other ? O should only be used when entering Honey or Maple Sap.


Crop Status

Enter the status code.???

I B Initial??????????? S B Subsequent??????????? E - Experimental??????????????? S F B Subsequent Failed????

P B Prevented??? D B Double-cropped???? I F B Initial Failed????????????? S P B Subsequent Prevented

F B Failed????????? R B Repeat?????????????????? ?I P B Initial Prevented??????? D F B Double-cropped Failed

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? D P B Double-cropped

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????Prevented


Crop or Land use Summary

Enter the crop and total acreage of the crop.? Across the top of the form in the blanks, list the different crops that have been planted.? In each corresponding box under each title crop, enter the total acreage except for the following:

  • maple trees, enter the number of taps followed by the letter T.?

  • honey, enter the number of hives, followed by the letter H.

Note: The maximum characters that can be entered to identify the crop name is 12.? The second row of boxes are for determined acres.? County Office Use Only.



Enter the key number that corresponds with the correct Aother producer@ from Items 7 and 8.



Enter the operator=s share of the crop being reported.


Total Operator Report

Enter the total acreage reported for each crop.

Item 21 is for County Office use only.

Items 22A-23

Fld Name /
Item No.



Operator's Signature

Enter the Operator=s signature.

If you are mailing or faxing this form, print the form and manually enter your signature. If this form is approved for electronic transmission and you have established credentials with USDA to submit forms electronically, use the buttons provided on the form for transmitting the form to the USDA servicing office.



Enter the date of the Operator=s signature.




Enter any remarks.

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