Implementation Evaluation of EnVision Centers

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Implementation Evaluation of EnVision Centers
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This request is for the collection of information for an implementation evaluation of EnVision Centers. EnVision Centers offer collocated and integrated services with the goal of helping low-income persons achieve self-sufficiency. Using leveraged resources from local and federal partnerships, HUD encourages EnVision Centers to target and integrate services within four main pillars: Economic empowerment, educational advancement, health and wellness, and character and leadership. In June 2018, HUD designated 18 EnVision Centers as part of the initiative’s first cohort of designations and has since expanded the initiative with three additional cohorts—a total of over 40 designated EnVision Centers. This new and rapidly growing initiative creates a critical need to gain an in-depth understanding from local stakeholders of implementation efforts to date, which will help develop and guide the initiative while establishing a framework of knowledge for future program monitoring and evaluation efforts. The evaluation team will collect data from sites using qualitative, semi-structured interviews with four groups of key local stakeholders: Site leadership, front line staff, participants, and representatives from organizations (partners) that provide services and resources to the EnVision Center. The interviews will primarily seek to understand how communities selected and established their center, the process for centralized intake and participant level data collection, and how new partnerships and services have developed since the center’s designation. Through an Interagency Agreement (IAA), the Library of Congress’ Federal Research Division will conduct the evaluation under guidance from HUD.

US Code: 12 USC 1701z-1 Name of Law: Research and Demonstrations

Not associated with rulemaking

  85 FR 73292 11/17/2020
86 FR 11324 02/24/2021

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New Implementation Evaluation.

Justin Brock 202 402-4348 [email protected]


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