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Fee Waiver Request

60 Day FR Notice

OMB: 1125-0003

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Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 41 / Thursday, March 4, 2021 / Notices
The views of the Commission are
contained in USITC Publication 5170
(March 2021), entitled
Pentafluoroethane (R–125) from China:
Investigation Nos. 701–TA–662 and
731–TA–1554 (Preliminary).
By order of the Commission.
Issued: February 26, 2021.
Lisa Barton,
Secretary to the Commission.
[FR Doc. 2021–04432 Filed 3–3–21; 8:45 am]

[OMB Number 1125–0003]

Agency Information Collection
Activities; Proposed Collection
Comments Requested; Fee Waiver
Executive Office for
Immigration Review, Department of
ACTION: 60-Day notice.

The Department of Justice
(DOJ), Executive Office for Immigration
Review (EOIR), will be submitting the
following information collection request
to the Office of Management and Budget
(OMB) for review and approval in
accordance with the Paperwork
Reduction Act of 1995.
DATES: Comments are encouraged and
will be accepted for 60 days until May
3, 2021.
you have additional comments
especially on the estimated public
burden or associated response time,
suggestions, or need a copy of the
proposed information collection
instrument with instructions or
additional information, please contact
Lauren Alder Reid, Assistant Director,
Office of Policy, Executive Office for
Immigration Review, 5107 Leesburg
Pike, Suite 2500, Falls Church, VA
22041, telephone: (703) 305–0289.
comments and suggestions from the
public and affected agencies concerning
the proposed collection of information
are encouraged. Your comments should
address one or more of the following
four points:
—Evaluate whether the proposed
collection of information is necessary
for the proper performance of the
functions of the Executive Office for
Immigration Review, including
whether the information will have
practical utility;
—Evaluate the accuracy of the agency’s
estimate of the burden of the



VerDate Sep<11>2014

20:27 Mar 03, 2021

Jkt 253001

proposed collection of information,
including the validity of the
methodology and assumptions used;
—Evaluate whether and if so how the
quality, utility, and clarity of the
information to be collected can be
enhanced; and
—Minimize the burden of the collection
of information on those who are to
respond, including through the use of
appropriate automated, electronic,
mechanical, or other technological
collection techniques or other forms
of information technology, e.g.,
permitting electronic submission of
Overview of This Information
1. Type of Information Collection:
Revision and extension of a currently
approved collection.
2. The Title of the Form/Collection:
Fee Waiver Request.
3. The agency form number, if any,
and the applicable component of the
Department sponsoring the collection:
The form number is EOIR–26A,
Executive Office for Immigration
Review, United States Department of
4. Affected public who will be asked
or required to respond, as well as a brief
abstract: Primary: An individual
submitting an appeal or motion to the
Board of Immigration Appeals. An
individual submitting an application or
motion to the Office of the Chief
Immigration Judge. Other: Attorneys
and qualified representatives
representing an alien in immigration
proceedings before EOIR. Abstract: The
information on the fee waiver request
form is used by the Board of
Immigration Appeals and the Office of
the Chief Immigration Judge to
determine whether the requisite fee for
an application, motion or appeal will be
waived due to an individual’s financial
5. An estimate of the total number of
respondents and the amount of time
estimated for an average respondent to
respond: It is estimated that 5,499
respondents will complete the form
annually with an average of 1 hour per
6. An estimate of the total public
burden (in hours) associated with the
collection: The estimated public burden
associated with this collection is 5,499
hours. It is estimated that respondents
will take 1 hour to complete the form.
If additional information is required
contact: Melody Braswell, Department
Clearance Officer, United States
Department of Justice, Justice
Management Division, Policy and
Planning Staff, Two Constitution

PO 00000

Frm 00121

Fmt 4703

Sfmt 4703


Square, 145 N Street NE, 3E.405B,
Washington, DC 20530.
Dated: February 26, 2021.
Melody D. Braswell,
Department Clearance Officer for PRA, U.S.
Department of Justice.
[FR Doc. 2021–04418 Filed 3–3–21; 8:45 am]

Notice of Lodging of Proposed
Consent Decree Under the Resource
Conservation and Recovery Act
On January 20, 2021, the Department
of Justice lodged a proposed consent
decree with the United States District
Court for the District of Utah in the
lawsuit entitled United States of
America v. Magnesium Corporation of
America, et al., Civil Action No.
If approved by the court, the consent
decree would resolve the claims of the
United States against US Magnesium
LLC (‘‘USM’’), the Renco Group, Inc.
(‘‘Group’’), the Ira Leon Rennert
Revocable Trusts (‘‘Trusts’’), and Mr. Ira
Leon Rennert (‘‘Rennert’’), collectively
‘‘Defendants,’’ for injunctive relief and
civil penalties for alleged violations of
the Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act (‘‘RCRA’’) at USM’s
magnesium production facility in
Rowley, Utah. The consent decree
would require USM to: (1) Make
extensive process modifications at the
facility, including construction of a
filtration plant to treat all wastewaters,
that will reduce the environmental
impacts from its production operations
and ensure greater protection for its
workers; (2) establish appropriate
financial assurance for closure or
corrective action of certain waste
management areas in the operating areas
of the facility; (3) pay a civil penalty of
$250,000; and (4) perform the CERCLA
Response Action, which includes
construction of a barrier wall around
1,700 acres of the operating portions of
the facility to prevent leaks or breaches
of hazardous materials to the Great Salt
Lake, and the payment of EPA costs
incurred in connection with the
CERCLA Response Action.
In return for the Settling Defendants’
compliance with these requirements,
the consent decree would resolve past
RCRA violations at the Rowley facility
that the United States’ complaint
alleges. Provided that the Settling
Defendants remain in compliance with
the consent decree’s requirements,
including payment of EPA CERCLA
Response Action costs, the United
States would covenant not to sue the



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