Regulations for the Taking of Migratory Birds for Subsistence Uses in Alaska, 50 CFR Part 92

ICR 202103-1018-006

OMB: 1018-0178

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1018-0178 202103-1018-006
Received in OIRA 202101-1018-002
Regulations for the Taking of Migratory Birds for Subsistence Uses in Alaska, 50 CFR Part 92
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We developed a proposed rule (RIN 1018-BF08) to update to the regulations for the taking of migratory birds for subsistence uses in Alaska during the spring and summer, and to add a secondary method (permit) for Tribal councils to invite certain family members living in excluded areas to participate in the customary spring-summery subsistence harvest of migratory birds in a village’s subsistence area. We developed these regulations under a co-management process involving the Service, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and Alaska Native representatives. The proposed changes would update the regulations to incorporate revisions requested by these partners. We developed the permit and harvest reporting materials in collaboration with the AMBCC local partner, the Sun’aq Tribe.

US Code: 16 USC 703-712 Name of Law: Migratory Bird Treaty Act

1018-BF08 Final or interim final rulemaking


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