Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices

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Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices
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A senior loan officer at each respondent bank completes this voluntary survey through an electronic submission, up to six times a year. Consistent with the Senior Financial Officer Survey (FR 2023; OMB No. 7100-0223), senior staff at the Reserve Banks with knowledge of bank lending practices serve as the main contacts for SLOOS respondents in their district and help administer the survey. The current reporting panel consists of up to 80 large domestically chartered commercial banks and up to 24 large U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks. The purpose of the survey is to provide qualitative and limited quantitative information on credit availability and demand, as well as on evolving developments and lending practices in the U.S. loan markets. A portion of each survey typically covers special topics of timely interest; therefore, a sample form is not included in this proposal. Although the Board has the authority to conduct the survey up to six times a year, the survey has typically been conducted only four times a year since 1992. Consistent with the FR 2023, other types of respondents, such as other depository institutions, bank holding companies, or other financial entities, may be surveyed, if appropriate. The respondents’ answers provide information that is critical to the Federal Reserve’s monitoring of bank lending practices and credit markets. The Federal Reserve relies on the regular opportunity to solicit information from banks within the framework of the survey. Aggregated survey results from 1997 to present are available to the public on the Board’s website.

US Code: 12 USC 225a Name of Law: Federal Reserve Act
   US Code: 12 USC 263 Name of Law: Federal Reserve Act
   US Code: 12 USC 248(a) Name of Law: Federal Reserve Act
   US Code: 12 USC 3105(c)(2) Name of Law: International Banking Act of 1978

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  85 FR 65045 10/14/2020
86 FR 8012 02/03/2021

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