A Coastal Management Needs Assessment and Market Analysis for Financing Resilience

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A Coastal Management Needs Assessment and Market Analysis for Financing Resilience
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This is a new collection of information. NOAA’s Office of Coastal Management (OCM) and its regional, state, federal, and non-profit partners have worked closely with coastal managers across the country to increase the resilience of our coastal communities, economies and ecosystems. Per the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 (CZMA), OCM provides financial and technical assistance to states and territories, including that which helps its customers (coastal managers) develop hazard mitigation and climate adaptation plans that include strategies for short-term responses to immediate threats (e.g., flooding, hurricanes) as well as long-term responses to gradual changes (e.g., sea level rise, drought). Services are provided through outreach, training, funding, resource, and tool development. In many coastal communities, investment in mitigation and resilience measures remains either limited or reactive in response to a catastrophic event. While there are no data on the number of adaptation plans that have been implemented, lack of funding is a frequently cited barrier to implementation. Understanding the suite of funding and financing options available at the time resilience planning is undertaken, and then incorporating financial strategies into the planning process and recommendations, will help ensure that these plans are implemented.

US Code: 16 USC 1451-1464 Name of Law: Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972

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  86 FR 7365 01/28/2021
86 FR 24591 05/07/2021

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Coastal Resilience Funding & Financing Opportunities & Needs N/A Financing Coastal Resilience Interview Guide

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