Risks in the Semiconductor Supply Chain

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Risks in the Semiconductor Supply Chain
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This data is needed to assess the status of the semiconductor industry and identify specific issues and challenges in the supply chain. Qualitative questions are used in some limited cases to complement the statistical data. Using the aggregated form data, the overall goal is to enable Commerce and other government agencies to add transparency on the semiconductor supply and demand mismatch and identify common bottlenecks and chokepoints. This information will advance transparency in the semiconductor supply chain and inform any government or private sector actions to address the ongoing shortage and alleviate the economic impact of the shortage. The form will be submitted in electronic form using regulations.gov. All submissions are entirely voluntary. The responses to the request for information will also be posted in regulations.gov and will be a matter of public record. Any submitted information that is business confidential will be protected in accordance with Department policy. The Section 515 Information Quality Guidelines apply to this information collection and comply with all applicable information quality guidelines, i.e., OMB, Department of Commerce, and specific operating unit guidelines
On February 24, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order 14017 (E.O. 14017) on “America’s Supply Chains,” which directed several federal agency actions to secure and strengthen America’s supply chains. The Department of Commerce (Bureau of Industry and Security) led the 100 Day Supply Chain Review of Semiconductors and Advanced Packaging that was mandated by Presidential Executive Order 14017. This review, included in the White House Report “Building Resilient Supply Chains, Revitalizing Domestic Manufacturing, and Fostering Broad-Based Growth (100-day-supply-chain-review-report.pdf (whitehouse.gov)), identified numerous areas of supply chain vulnerabilities. In addition to the longer-term goals such as strengthening the domestic semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem and promoting U.S. leadership, this report called upon the Department of Commerce to partner with industry to facilitate information flow between semiconductor producers and suppliers and end-users to address the current semiconductor shortage. The ongoing shortage of semiconductors is having an adverse impact on a wide range of industry sectors. With the goal of accelerating the information flow across various segments of the supply chain and identifying data gaps and bottlenecks in the supply chain, the Department is seeking input from interested parties (including domestic and foreign semiconductor design firms, semiconductor manufacturers, materials and equipment suppliers, as well as semiconductor intermediate and end-users).

EO: EO 14017 Name/Subject of EO: America's Supply Chain

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Risks in the Semiconductor Supply Chain

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This is an emergency request for approval of a new information collection. Commerce estimates that the total burden placed on respondents by this request for public comments will be approximately 400 hours. It is estimated that Commerce will receive 100 comments during the comment period. For each public comment, the submitter is expected to file a form that would take approximately 4 hours to complete. This burden estimate is subject to variations among respondents due to discrepancies in level of participation in the semiconductor industry, record keeping, company size, and other variables.

Mark Crace 202 482-8093 [email protected]


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