0478 2021 Aphis 71

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African Swine Fever; Importation of Live Dogs for Resale from Regions Where ASF Exists or is Reasonably Believed to Exist

0478 2021 APHIS 71

OMB: 0579-0478

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Key in the 4-digit OMB control number 0579-0478
Key in date prepared. Example: January 1, 2021 November 8, 2021
Enter one: Proposed rule Final rule New ICR Renewal Reinstatement TYPE OF REQUEST
African Swine Fever; Importation of Live Dogs for Resale from Regions Where ASF Exists or Is Reasonably Believed to Exist Docket number assigned by RAD for for 60-day public comment period Federal Register notice PUBLIC COMMENT DOCKET NO.
Renewal APHIS 2021-0054
POINT OF CONTACT Citation for 60-day public comment period Federal Register notice (e.g., 84FR38333) FEDERAL REGISTER NOTICE
Key in First and Last Name of POC Mary Kate Anderson 86 FR 49287
Key in phone number for the POC (301) 851-3364 September 2, 2021
This is the sum of Part II, Column I, filtered to capture only first occurences as marked in Part II, Column C. TOTAL RESPONDENTS This is the sum of all entries in Part II, Column J. TOTAL ANNUAL RESPONSES Enter the estimated percentage of total responses that are submitted electronically % ELECTRONIC RESPONSES PER RESPONDENT This is the sum of all entries in Part II, Column L. TOTAL BURDEN HOURS HOURS PER RESPONSE Enter the percentage of total business respondents that are small entities % SMALL ENTITIES
200 1,800 100% 9 900 0.500 35%
" " - None. Leave blank if there is no change to this activity. E - Estimate. The change is to the number of respondents, responses, or burden hours only. D - Discretionary. The change is a new activity, a reported violation, or a new respondent type or response time. C - Correction. The change is to capture and report a previous error of some type. TYPE OF CHANGE Select only one group per line (e.g., FG and S1 are two lines, S1 and S2 are one line): FG - foreign government S1 - state government S2 - local government S3 - tribal government P1 - business P2 - farm P3 - non or not for profit I - individual or household TYPE OF RESPONDENT Respondents should not be counted more than once in the total number of respondents. Place an "X" in this space to indicate this activity reflects a unique group of respondents in this ICR. FIRST OCCURENCE Select only one per line: I - Reporting. Information is received from the public via voice, document, or information system. R - Recordkeeping. The respondent is required to maintain records for a prescribed period of time. TP - Third Party Disclosure. The respondent is required to post information for the benefit of a third party (e.g., labels on product packages or quarantine signs at fairs). TYPE OF RESPONSE AUTHORITY (U.S.C., CFR, or Manual) The title must be consistent from the previous submission to the current one, and between the APHIS 71 and the Supporting Statement. If the title has changed, insert another column to the right and title it "PREVIOUS TITLE". If this activity is a discretionary change, enter (NEW) if this is a new activity, respondent type, or response time estimate; or (VIOLATION) if this is previously unreported activity. ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION (title, respondent type, and type of change if discretionary) If there is a form associated with this activity, enter the form number (e.g., APHIS 123). If the activity uses a form letter or something similar, enter "letter". If the information is collected via an information system, enter the acronym for the information system (e.g., MITS). FORM NO. Enter all that apply if the collection instrument is a form: Paper PDF Info System FORMAT See the comment for Column C. Do not count respondents multiple times within the same activity. Each individual or household counts as one respondent, and each business or non-U.S. Federal government activity counts as one respondent. ESTIMATED ANNUAL NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS or RECORDKEEPERS Each instance of the activity counts as one response regardless of the respondent type. Each recordkeeper counts as one response. ESTIMATED ANNUAL RESPONSES This entry should be the same as that entered in the OMB banner at the top of the form. Times less than 1 hour should be calculated as number of minutes divided by 60 and listed to three decimal places. For recordkeepers, enter the estimated average number of hours per year the recordkeeper will spend on this activity. ESTIMATED HOURS PER RESPONSE or ANNUAL HOURS PER RECORDKEEPER ESTIMATED ANNUAL BURDEN HOURS
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L)

P1 X I
Dog Import Record ASF VSDIR 1 Info System 200 1,800 0.500 900
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