Education Stabilization Fund- Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER I/ESSER II/ARP ESSER Fund) Recipient Data Collection Form

ICR 202201-1810-002

OMB: 1810-0749

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1810-0749 202201-1810-002
Received in OIRA 202106-1810-006
ED/OESE ED-2021-SCC-0096
Education Stabilization Fund- Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER I/ESSER II/ARP ESSER Fund) Recipient Data Collection Form
Revision of a currently approved collection   No
Emergency 01/26/2022
  Requested Previously Approved
6 Months From Approved 12/31/2024
14,652 14,652
2,051,943 2,051,280
0 0

Under the current unprecedented national health emergency, the legislative and executive branches of government have come together to offer relief to those individuals and industries affected by the COVID-19 virus under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (P.L. 116-136) authorized on March 27, 2020, and expanded through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act, and the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act. The ESSER Fund awards grants to SEAs and for the purpose of providing local educational agencies (LEAs), including charter schools that are LEAs, as well as Outlying Areas, with emergency relief funds to address the impact that Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had, and continues to have, on elementary and secondary schools across the Nation. This information collection requests emergency approval for a revision to a previously approved collection that includes annual reporting requirements to comply with the requirements of the ESSER program and obtain information on how the funds were used by State and Local Education Agencies. The only change to the recently approved collection are the additional three questions to address the use of SEA reserve funds. Please refer to Attachment A, which includes the three changes.
Emergency processing is necessary to provide states with sufficient time to collect the required data regarding the use of SEA reserve funds. Retrospectively creating this data after the activities have concluded is much more burdensome than prospectively collecting the data as the activities occur. The form currently collects information regarding the use of SEA reserve funds at the LEA level. However, questions addressing SEA use of Reserve Funds were not included in the forms submitted for 60- and 30-day public comment.

US Code: 34 USC CFR 76.720 Name of Law: State Reporting Requirements
PL: Pub.L. 116 - 136 18003 Name of Law: CARES Act

Not associated with rulemaking


  Total Request Previously Approved Change Due to New Statute Change Due to Agency Discretion Change Due to Adjustment in Estimate Change Due to Potential Violation of the PRA
Annual Number of Responses 14,652 14,652 0 0 0 0
Annual Time Burden (Hours) 2,051,943 2,051,280 0 663 0 0
Annual Cost Burden (Dollars) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Miscellaneous Actions
There is a burden increase of 663 hours due to the additional three questions, which address the use of SEA reserve funds at the SEA level.

Gloria Tanner 202 453-5596


On behalf of this Federal agency, I certify that the collection of information encompassed by this request complies with 5 CFR 1320.9 and the related provisions of 5 CFR 1320.8(b)(3).
The following is a summary of the topics, regarding the proposed collection of information, that the certification covers:
    (i) Why the information is being collected;
    (ii) Use of information;
    (iii) Burden estimate;
    (iv) Nature of response (voluntary, required for a benefit, or mandatory);
    (v) Nature and extent of confidentiality; and
    (vi) Need to display currently valid OMB control number;
If you are unable to certify compliance with any of these provisions, identify the item by leaving the box unchecked and explain the reason in the Supporting Statement.

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