60D Comment Response

Comment received during the 60 day public comment period for ICR 1845-0100.docx

Loan Cancellation in the Federal Perkins Loan Program

60D Comment Response

OMB: 1845-0100

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Comment received during the 60 day public comment period for ICR 1845-0100 Perkins Loan Cancellation Regulations 6/14/2022

Public comment received from Jean Public

this agency deserves an f minus for its sloppy slipshod accounting of requriing those who took out loans using taxpayer dolalrs and keeping a record of their payback.teh fact is this dept is very sloppy and slipshod in keeping records so that the taxpaeyrs get back the money they loaned out. this wwas never to be a grant program. it iwas to be a loan program to be paid back so that other could come along and also go to school on the payback of the loans that were made. we have alot of shysters who have taken out loans and have determined they will never pay a penny back and that is all wrongj and it hsould not be allowed. they shoudl pay back the oney they borrowed. the taxpayers of this country have a right to experct that. we shoudl not have a program that is a complete and total lie to the taxpayers of htis country. we need a dept that is not as sloppy as this  onej to keep good records. this dept gets a grade of f minus for its work in this regad. we need to replace this dept and stop giving out loans that are never repaid. we shoudl stop this entire program entirely. this comment is for the publi recofd. please receipt. let the students go to a bank to borrow money. it would make mor esense. this program is a dud, a complete and total dud.

Federal Student Aid response:

Thank you for your comment. As this loan cancellation program is authorized under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, the Department of Education must fulfill the requirements of the statute. Until there is a change to the statute the Department of Education will continue to uphold the law and provide this cancellation to eligible Federal Perkins Loan borrowers.

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