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Loan Analysis (VA Form 26-6393)

Published 60-Day FRN

OMB: 2900-0523

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Federal Register / Vol. 87, No. 45 / Tuesday, March 8, 2022 / Notices

maintenance, and purchase of services
to provide information.
Approved: March 3, 2022.
Jon R. Callahan,
Tax Analyst.
[FR Doc. 2022–04895 Filed 3–7–22; 8:45 am]

[OMB Control No. 2900–0523]

Agency Information Collection
Activity: Loan Analysis
Veterans Benefits
Administration, Department of Veterans
ACTION: Notice.

Veterans Benefits
Administration, Department of Veterans
Affairs (VA), is announcing an
opportunity for public comment on the
proposed collection of certain
information by the agency. Under the
Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of
1995, Federal agencies are required to
publish notice in the Federal Register
concerning each proposed collection of
information, including each proposed
extension of a currently approved
collection, and allow 60 days for public
comment in response to the notice.
DATES: Written comments and
recommendations on the proposed
collection of information should be
received on or before May 9, 2022.
ADDRESSES: Submit written comments
on the collection of information through
Federal Docket Management System
(FDMS) at or to
Nancy J. Kessinger, Veterans Benefits

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VerDate Sep<11>2014

17:25 Mar 07, 2022

Jkt 256001

Administration (20M33), Department of
Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue
NW, Washington, DC 20420 or email to
[email protected] Please refer to
‘‘OMB Control No. 2900–0523’’ in any
correspondence. During the comment
period, comments may be viewed online
through FDMS.
Maribel Aponte, Office of Enterprise
and Integration, Data Governance
Analytics (008), 1717 H Street NW,
Washington, DC 20006, (202) 266–4688
or email [email protected] Please
refer to ‘‘OMB Control No. 2900–0523’’
in any correspondence.
PRA of 1995, Federal agencies must
obtain approval from the Office of
Management and Budget (OMB) for each
collection of information they conduct
or sponsor. This request for comment is
being made pursuant to Section
3506(c)(2)(A) of the PRA.
With respect to the following
collection of information, VBA invites
comments on: (1) Whether the proposed
collection of information is necessary
for the proper performance of VBA’s
functions, including whether the
information will have practical utility;
(2) the accuracy of VBA’s estimate of the
burden of the proposed collection of
information; (3) ways to enhance the
quality, utility, and clarity of the
information to be collected; and (4)
ways to minimize the burden of the
collection of information on
respondents, including through the use
of automated collection techniques or
the use of other forms of information
Authority: Public Law 104–13; 44
U.S.C. 3501–3521.

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Title: Loan Analysis, VA Form 26–
OMB Control Number: 2900–0523.
Type of Review: Extension with
change of a currently approved
Abstract: VA Form 26–6393 is
currently used by employees of both
lending institutions and VA to
determine the ability of a borrower to
qualify for any type of VA-guaranteed
loan authorized by 38 U.S.C. 3710(a).
Lenders complete and submit the form
to provide evidence that the lender’s
decision to submit a prior approval loan
application or close a loan on the
automatic basis is based upon
appropriate application of VA credit
standards as required by 38 U.S.C.
3710(b) and 3710(g). Section 36.4340, 38
CFR, implements those underwriting
standards, which include evaluating
income, expenses, and credit history.
This form specifically pertains to those
standards evaluating a borrower’s
present and anticipated income and
expenses and credit history.
Affected Public: Individuals and
Estimated Annual Burden: 280,000
Estimated Average Burden per
Respondent: 30 minutes.
Frequency of Response: One-time.
Estimated Number of Respondents:
By direction of the Secretary.
Maribel Aponte,
VA PRA Clearance Officer, Office of
Enterprise and Integration/Data Governance
Analytics, Department of Veterans Affairs.
[FR Doc. 2022–04808 Filed 3–7–22; 8:45 am]



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