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Section 74.1251, Technical and Equipment Modifications

OMB: 3060-0473

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OMB Control Number: 3060-0473 April 2022

Section 74.1251, Technical and Equipment Modifications


1. 47 CFR Section 74.1251(b)(1) states that formal application on FCC Form 349 is required of all permittees and licensees for any of the following changes: Replacement of the transmitter as a whole, except replacement with a transmitter of identical power rating which has been certificated by the FCC for use by FM translator or FM booster stations, or any change which could result in the electrical characteristics or performance of the station. Upon the installation or modification of the transmitting equipment for which prior FCC authority is not required under the provisions of this paragraph, the licensee shall place in the station records a certification that the new installation complies in all respects with the technical requirements of this part and the terms of the station authorization.

Section 74.1251(c) requires FM translator licensee to notify the FCC, in writing, of changes in the primary FM station being retransmitted.

The Commission is requesting an extension of this information collection in order to receive the full three year OMB approval/clearance.

This information collection does not affect individuals or households; thus, there are no impacts under the Privacy Act.

Statutory authority for this collection of information is contained in Section 154(i) and 325(a) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

2. The certification provides to prospective users information about the modified equipment. If no such information exists, any future problems could prove difficult to solve and could result in electronic frequency interference for long periods of time. The notification of changes in the primary FM station is used by FCC staff to keep records up-to-date and to ensure compliance with FCC rules and regulations.

3. This is simple recordkeeping and notification requirement. We do not believe the use of information technology is feasible in this situation.

4. This agency does not impose a similar information collection on the respondents. There is no similar data available.

5. In conformance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the Commission is making an effort to minimize the burden on all respondents. Therefore, this collection of information will not have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities/businesses.

6. The frequency for this collection of information is determined by respondents, as necessary.

7. This collection of information is consistent with the guidelines in 5 CFR 1320.5(d)(2).

8. The Commission published a Notice (87 FR 3536) in the Federal Register on January 24, 2022, seeking comments from the public on the information collection requirements contained in this supporting statement. No comments were received from the public.

9. No payment or gift was provided to the respondents.

10. There is no need for confidentiality with this collection of information.

11. This information collection does not address any private matters of a sensitive nature.

12. We estimate that 100 licensees/permittees will comply with the requirements in 47 CFR 74.1251. Therefore, we estimate that 100 replacement transmitters will be certified annually. Licensees/permittees shall place in their station records copies of the certifications. The average burden on licensee is 0.25 hours per certification. We also estimate that stations will notify the FCC of changes in the primary station being retransmitted annually. The Commission estimates that roughly 200 notifications are received by the Commission annually. The average burden on licensee or permittee is 0.25 hour per notification. This estimate is based on FCC staff’s knowledge and familiarity with the availability of the data required.

Total Number of Annual Respondents: 100 Licensees/Permittees

Total Number of Annual Responses: 100 certifications

200 notifications

300 (responses)

Total Annual Burden Hours: 100 certifications x 0.25 hours/certifications = 25 hours

200 notifications x 0.25 hours/notifications = 50 hours

75 hours

Annual “In-house” Cost: We estimate that approximately 80% of all FM translator stations are owned by the primary FM full service station. We also estimate that approximately 20% of all FM translator stations are independently owned. We assume that the full service FM licensee (80%) would use a station engineer and that the station owner of an independently owned station (20%) would prepare the certification of the replacement transmitter.

We also assume that the licensee of the full service station (80%) and the owner of the independently owned translator station (20%) would prepare and file the notification to the FCC of changes in the primary station being rebroadcast. We estimate that the licensee of a full service FM station would have an average salary of $100,000 ($48.08/hour). We estimate that the licensee of

an independently owned translator would have an average salary of $70,000/year (33.52/hour). We also estimate that a station engineer at a full service station would have an average salary of $48.08/hour.

100 certification x 80% x 0.25 hours x $48.08/hour = $ 961.60

100 certification x 20% x 0.25 hours x $33.52/hour = $ 167.60

200 notifications x 80% x 0.25 hours x $48.08/hour = $1,923.20

200 notifications x 20% x 0.25 hours x $33.52/hour = $ 335.20

Total Annual “In house” Cost: $3,387.60

13. Annual Cost Burden:

(a) Total annualized capital/startup costs: None

(b) Total annual costs (O&M): None

(c) Total annualized cost requested: None

14. Cost to the Federal Government: The Commission will use applications examiners at the GS-5 level, step 5 ($22.20/hour) to process these notifications. It will take the examiners 0.25 hours to process each notification.

200 notifications x 0.25 hours x $22.20/hour = $1,110.00

Total Cost to the Federal Government: $1,110.00

15. There are no program changes or adjustments to this collection.

16. The data will not be published.

17. OMB approval of the expiration date of the information collection will be displayed at 47 C.F.R. Section 0.408.

18. There are no other exceptions to the Certification Statement.

B. Collections of Information Employing Statistical Methods

No statistical methods are employed.


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