Memo for FAPS2 Field Test

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Field Test for the Second National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey (FoodAPS-2)

Memo for FAPS2 Field Test

OMB: 0536-0077

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United States Department of Agriculture


Research, Education, and Economics

Economic Research Service

TO: Anthony Nerino, Office of Management and Budget

FROM: Jeffrey Gonzalez, Economic Research Service

DATE: May 27, 2022


Non-substantive change resulting from the finalized FoodAPS-2 Field Test and FoodLogger respondent training videos


This memo provides URLs for the six required and two supplemental Second National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey (FoodAPS-2) Field Test training videos. As noted in the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Notice of Action (NOA) dated 4/30/2022 for the Information Collection Request (ICR) for the FoodAPS-2 Field Test (ref number: 202202-0536-002), providing final versions of the training videos for review by OMB is required prior to the implementation of the FoodAPS-2 Field Test.

As detailed in Supporting Statement Part A of the ICR (ref number: 202202-0536-002), the Field Test interviewers will use these videos to train the primary respondent (PR) and any other household members who are present at the time of training, following the Initial Household Interview (Attachment G), on how to use the FoodLogger smartphone application to record information about all acquisitions of food and drink during the survey period.

The content of the required training videos follows a series of Respondent Training Scripts (Attachments V1—V6), which were included in the original submission. The videos will be shown to the primary respondent and other household members present via the interviewer’s laptop or similar electronic portable device. This training curriculum on FoodAPS-2 survey concepts and the FoodLogger covers the Food Log (Attachment R1), Profile (Attachment J), and Income (Attachment L) Questionnaires. The training on the FoodLogger also includes supplemental videos (Attachment V7 and V8), which are not required trainings, but are intended to provide additional instruction to respondents on how to enter grocery and restaurant meal acquisitions in their Food Logs. Scripts for these supplemental videos were also included in the original submission.

The videos will be hosted on the URLs provided below throughout the implementation of the Field Test and will remain publicly available until the expiration date of this ICR, 4/30/2023.

Attachment V1. Welcome to NFS Video Script

Required 1 - Welcome to the National Food Study 


Attachment V2. Getting Started Video Script

Required 2 - Getting Started with the FoodLogger 


Attachment V3. Entering Grocery Store Food and Drink Video Script

Required 3 - Reporting Food and Drinks from Places Like Grocery Stores 


Attachment V4. Entering Restaurant Food and Drink Video Script

Required 4 - Reporting Food and Drinks from Places Like Restaurants 


Attachment V5. Completing Profile and Income Questionnaire Video Script

Required 5 - Profile and Income Questionnaires 



Attachment V6. Completing the Day Overview Video Script

Required 6 - Final Daily Food Log Task 


Attachment V7. Grocery Store Purchase Video Script

Supplemental - How to Report a Purchase from a Grocery Store 


Attachment V8. How to Report Meals from a Fast-Food Restaurant Video Script

Supplemental - How to Report Food from a Fast-Food Restaurant 









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