Study on the Conversion of Enrollment Slots from Head Start to Early Head Start (HS2EHS Study)

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Study on the Conversion of Enrollment Slots from Head Start to Early Head Start (HS2EHS Study)
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Regular 06/16/2022
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This is a primary data collection request to examine, using a qualitative multi-case study, how and why Head Start grant recipients convert enrollment slots from Head Start to Early Head Start, how grant recipients plan and implement Early Head Start services, and the facilitators and barriers to the implementation of high-quality Early Head Start services following conversion. The study will include up to six cases, each focusing on a specific grant recipient. This study aims to present an internally valid description of the conversion process for up to six purposively selected grant recipients, not to promote statistical generalization to different grant recipients or service populations.

US Code: 42 USC 9835 Name of Law: Head Start Act section 640

Not associated with rulemaking

  87 FR 19519 06/13/2022
87 FR 36326 06/16/2022

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