VA Suicide Prevention 2.0 Program - Community Opinion Survey

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VA Suicide Prevention 2.0 Program - Community Opinion Survey
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Regular 06/10/2022
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The information VA is proposing to collect does not currently exist. It will be used in order to accomplish three aims: 1) collect baseline data on the knowledge and attitudes of adult US citizens living in specified communities about Veterans, Veteran suicide, and resources available to Veterans to reduce suicide, prior to the implementation of suicide prevention programs; 2) collect follow-up data in the same communities to assess whether those knowledge and attitudes have changed over time; and 3) determine whether the programs and policies implemented by a community resulted in positive change in knowledge and attitudes. The data will be utilized by the Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in VA Central Office to measure the return on investment of significant resources that have been invested to support communities in their (that is, the communities’) efforts to reduce Veteran suicide. Specifically, the Community-Based Interventions (CBI) arm of VA’s “Suicide Prevention 2.0” initiative has launched two different initiatives whose goals are to increase the successful implementation of best practices to prevent Veteran suicide in local communities. The data will allow VA to measure a baseline level of expected outcomes, follow-up levels, and to explore the role of new programs in those changes. The data will be used to perform program planning and evaluation. The data will also be used by the State teams that are engaged in the Governor’s Challenge initiative. GC is one of the initiatives supported by SP2.0 and is structured so that State teams are provided training and technical assistance by VA to expand their efforts to implement suicide prevention programs in their State. This data collection will assist the State teams to assess the effects of their new programming or policies.

US Code: 38 USC 527

Not associated with rulemaking

  86 FR 63455 11/16/2021
87 FR 8138 02/11/2022

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VA Suicide Prevention 2.0 Program - Community Opinion Survey

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This is a new collection, and all burden hours are considered a program increase.

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Frances O'Donnell 703 405-2449 [email protected]


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