Justification for Nonsubstantive Change (2019-09-03)

1505-0170 OFAC justification for change to LIC form (9-3-2019).docx

Form for OFAC License Applications to Unblock Funds Transfers

Justification for Nonsubstantive Change (2019-09-03)

OMB: 1505-0170

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OFAC Justification for Non-Substantive Change Request for

OMB Control No. 1505-0170 Application for Release of Blocked Funds

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)’s Electronic License Application Form TD-F 90-22.54, referred to as the “OFAC Application for the Release of Blocked Funds” and approved under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Control No. 1505-0170, was recently approved for a three-year renewal in July 2019. The form, which provides a standardized method of application for all applicants seeking the unblocking of funds, is available in electronic format on OFAC’s website. OFAC recently made non-substantive edits to the form to include the following: (i) updating the instructions, such as urging respondents to file the form electronically when possible and not to file duplicate applications; (ii) updating the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) and Privacy statement to conform to current PRA and Privacy language; (iii) removing the 2D technology barcodes, which were no longer necessary for internal processing purposes; and (iv) updating the OMB authorization expiration date. An updated version of the form is attached. These changes do not affect the previously approved burden or information requirements.

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