Health Center Workforce Survey Evaluation and Technical Assistance

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Health Center Workforce Survey Evaluation and Technical Assistance
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Regular 09/13/2022
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Workforce well-being, burnout, and satisfaction are critical factors in assuring high-quality patient care delivery within HRSA-supported health centers. Ignoring staff well-being and satisfaction can lead to rapidly escalating difficulties under which staff become detached or frustrated, which decreases quality, safety, and patient connection while ultimately leading to persistent difficulties with workforce recruitment, retention, and productivity. In order to identify causes, impacts, and extent of staff well-being, burnout, and job satisfaction, a workforce survey was developed as one of the deliverables of the Health Center Workforce Well-Being/Satisfaction Survey contract that will be administered across HRSA funded health centers nationally. The activities conducted during the Health Center Workforce Well-Being/Satisfaction Survey development contract were approved under OMB Control No. 0915-XXXX. This survey will provide insight into the factors impacting workforce well-being and satisfaction at the national and health center levels and across all health center occupations. By quantifying and analyzing these factors, efforts to improve conditions can be implemented and evaluated as to their effectiveness, with the long-term goal of improving patient quality of care and promoting HRSA supported health centers as a leaders in workforce recruitment and retention and well-being.

US Code: 42 USC 254b Name of Law: Public Health Service Act

Not associated with rulemaking

  87 FR 14019 03/10/2022
87 FR 33173 06/01/2022

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