Homeless Service Providers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Body Lice, Fleas and Associated Diseases

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Homeless Service Providers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Body Lice, Fleas and Associated Diseases
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Several bacterial vector-borne diseases that are spread by body lice and fleas disproportionately affect people experiencing homelessness. Given the potential severity of louse- and flea-borne diseases, understanding the knowledge and gaps in knowledge of homeless service providers will allow for targeted education and interventions to the reduce the risk of louse- and flea-borne disease among people experiencing homelessness. We propose a survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices among homeless service providers regarding louse- and flea-borne diseases to identify these gaps in order to plan effective public health interventions and educational materials.
Due to overwhelming demand on ICRO and multiple concurrent emergency responses (COVID-19, polio, monkeypox), the 30d FRN package was not published to the Federal Register until September 12, 2022, and could not be submitted to OMB. CDC funding for data collection in Seattle, Washington will be lost if the project is not completed within the month of September, as these funds must be spent in the current fiscal year and cannot be carried over to subsequent fiscal years. Furthermore, inability to complete this data collection would erode key stakeholder confidence in CDC to follow through on its commitments and undermine CDC’s mission to rapidly address ongoing disease threats in the community.

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  87 FR 9624 02/02/2022

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