ACF Generic PPR GenIC Submission Form - WF TCP Performance Report Part A and B

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Generic Performance Progress Report

ACF Generic PPR GenIC Submission Form - WF TCP Performance Report Part A and B

OMB: 0970-0490

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Request for approval under the clearance of the “Generic Performance Progress Report” OMB control Number: 0970-0490

Shape1 TITLE OF INFORMATION COLLECTION: Wilson-Fish TANF Coordination Project Performance Report Part A and B


This is a semi-annual program performance report to be submitted by the 21 grantees of the Wilson-Fish TANF Coordination Project (WF TCP). There are two parts to the report, Part A and Part B.

The purpose of the first part of the report (Part A) is to collect quantitative data to inform the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) of the types of services each WF TCP grantee is providing and to whom. Additionally, Part A collects data on training, resource development, translations provided, and overall trends. Since this is a four year demonstration project, ORR will use this information to make decisions regarding future Wilson Fish programming by examining the impacts of the allowable services supported by this project have on the aggregate employment outcomes of refugee families in states that receive WF-TCP funding.

Part B is wholly qualitative and reflects on the activities that each grantee states they will accomplish for each reporting period. As the grant allows for maximum flexibility in what each program will look like for each grantee, this collection aims to find as much similarity across programs as possible while still holding each grantee accountable to their individual plans. Grantees will report semi-annually on the status of their individual proposed activities for that specific reporting period. ORR will use this information to track outcomes of grantees that are unique as well as analyze in more depth the services and outcomes reported on in Part A.


There are 21 grantees who are both state entities or non-profit agencies.


I certify the following to be true:

  1. The collection is in compliance with HHS regulations.

  2. The collection is non-controversial and does not raise issues of concern to other federal agencies.

  3. Information gathered is meant primarily for program improvement and accountability.

Name and Title: Megan Ritter, Program Analyst, Office of Refugee Resettlement

To assist OMB review of your request, please provide answers to the following question:


  1. Is personally identifiable information (PII) collected? [ ] Yes [X ] No

  2. If Yes, will any information that is collected be included in records that are subject to the Privacy Act of 1974? [ ] Yes [ ] No

  3. If Yes, has an up-to-date System of Records Notice (SORN) been published? [ ] Yes [ ] No


Category of Respondent

No. of Respondents

No. of Responses per Respondent (Annual)

Burden per Response

Annual Burden

WF TCP Grantee










FEDERAL COST: The estimated total cost for the data collection activities under this current request will be $13,662 over the three-year period, or $4,554 annually. This is based on approximately four hours each year for each grantee’s regional representative, ten hours for the development of the form, and an additional eight hours each year for compilation and analysis of the data for a total of 286 hours over three years. This will all be done by GS-13 level staff who on average make $47.77 per hour.


How will you collect the information? (Check all that apply)

[ x ] Web-based

[ ] E-mail

[ ] Paper mail

[ ] Other, Explain

Please make sure that all instruments, instructions, and scripts are submitted with the request.


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