2022 Final Renewal of OMB 3150-0052 supporting statement for NRC form 790 7.25_lxa1edits

2022 Final Renewal of OMB 3150-0052 supporting statement for NRC form 790 7.25_lxa1edits.docx

NRC Form 790, Classification Record

OMB: 3150-0052

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Description of the Information Collection

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Form 790, “Classification Record,” is completed by an NRC licensee, licensee’s contractor, or certificate holder delegated classification or declassification authority. The submission of the data contained on the NRC Form 790 is required each time an authorized classifier makes a classification determination to classify, declassify, or downgrade a document.

The information contained on the completed form includes specific information which identifies the document being classified, declassified, or downgraded, as well as specific information describing the status (e.g., original or derivative classification, the reason for the declassification review, or future action) of the classified document. This information is needed to comply with Executive Order (E.O.) 13526, “Classified National Security Information,” effective June 25, 2010, and enables NRC to conduct assessments of classification or declassification determinations made by those officials specifically authorized to make such determinations and to prepare accurate input for a report to the President. Additionally, this information is required for employees, contractors, licensees, licensees’ contractors, certificate holders, and persons that fall within the scope of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 95 to comply with the rule.

This reporting requirement currently affects two NRC licensees that are permitted to use, process, store, and reproduce, transmit, or otherwise handle NRC classified information.

The respondents complete the form and may provide it by email or in hard copy format. Once the information is submitted, it is entered into the Classification Management Action System (CMS).


    1. Need for the Collection of Information

Under E.O. 13526, the National Archives’ Director of the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) is responsible for overseeing the NRC’s actions to ensure compliance with the Order and the associated implementing directives. In fulfilling this oversight function and in accordance with the authorities outlined in E.O. 13526, the Director of ISOO requires agencies, to include the NRC, to report statistics related to its security classification program on an annual basis. The NRC Form 790 is the means by which the NRC collects this data from its employees, contractors, licensees, licensees’ contractors, certificate holders, and persons that fall within the scope of 10 CFR Part 95 or NRC Management Directive (MD) 12.2, “NRC Classified Information Security Program.” Failure to complete this form would preclude NRC from meeting its expected classification and declassification reporting responsibilities prescribed by ISOO and from evaluating classification and declassification actions during appraisals, inspections and audits.

    1. Agency Use and Practical Utility of Information

The completed NRC Form 790 is submitted to the NRC and the data provided on the form is subsequently entered into the CMS database. The data is then tabulated, stored, and as needed; a report is produced. This report is used by the NRC to keep track of classification and declassification decisions made by authorized officials. Statistical data from this report is provided to ISOO pursuant to their responsibilities under E.O. 13526. This data is used by NRC during inspections, appraisals, and audits of the affected facilities or persons.

    1. Reduction of Burden Through Information Technology

There are no legal obstacles to reducing the burden associated with the information collection. The NRC encourages respondents to use information technology when it is beneficial to them. The NRC has issued Guidance for Electronic Submissions to the NRC which provides direction for the electronic transmission and submittal of documents to the NRC. Electronic transmission and submittal of documents can be accomplished via the following avenues: the Electronic Information Exchange process, which is available from the NRC's “Electronic Submittals” Web page, by Optical Storage Media (e.g., CD-ROM, DVD), by facsimile or by email.

Licensees choose the method of submission they prefer, either by email or hard copy. The affected licensees and licensees’ contractors complete the form electronically approximately 75 percent of the time.

The NRC evaluated the feasibility of developing an electronic submission capability for NRC Form 790. Given the scale of the Form 790’s the agency receives over the course of a year, it was decided at the time to not pursue an electronic submission due to costs of implementation.

    1. Effort to Identify Duplication and Use Similar Information

No sources of similar information are available. There is no duplication of requirements.

    1. Effort to Reduce Small Business Burden

Not applicable.

    1. Consequences to Federal Program or Policy Activities if the Collection is not Conducted or is Conducted Less Frequency

A data entry is made when a classification or declassification action occurs. It is not possible to have less frequent collection without eliminating the requirement completely. In that case, NRC would not have the information necessary to evaluate the Information Security Program at the facility, which would negatively impact NRC’s responsibility to ensure the proper protection of classified information and compliance with E.O. 13526 requirements and statutory requirements.

    1. Circumstances Which Justify Variation from Office of Management and Budget Guidelines

Not applicable.

    1. Consultations Outside of the NRC

Opportunity for public comment on the information collection requirements for this clearance package was published In the Federal Register on April 19, 2022 (87 FR 23277). As part of the consultation process one of the two licensees that use this form (URENCO USA) was contacted via email. No comments were received from this consultation. One comment was received from the public via the Federal Register but it was out of scope.

    1. Payment or Gift to Respondents

Not applicable.

    1. Confidentiality of the Information

Confidential and proprietary information is protected in accordance with

10 CFR 9.17(a) and 10 CFR 2.390 (b). However, no information normally considered confidential or proprietary is requested.

    1. Justification for Sensitive Questions

Not applicable.

    1. Estimated Burden and Burden Hour Cost

Approximately, 100 responses are anticipated on an annual basis. Although licensees are not required to submit hard copies of the form, burden estimates account for the time to submit hard copies, as some licensees prefer to follow-up with a hard copy submission. The estimated burden is calculated as follows:

(100 responses per year x 5 minutes to complete each form = 8.33 hours) x $288 per hour = $2,399.04

(30 minutes to prepare the package of hard copies of the form each month x

12 months x 2 respondents = 12 hours) x $288 per hour = $3,456

Total burden = 20.33 hours (8.33 hours to submit each form electronically +

12 hours to submit hard copies). Burden per form = 20.33 hours / 100 responses = 12 minutes per form.

Cost = 20.33 hours x $288/hours = $5,855.04

The $288 hourly rate used in the burden estimates is based on the NRC’s fee for hourly rates as noted in 10 CFR 170.20 “Average cost per professional staff-hour.” For more information on the basis of this rate, see the Revision of Fee Schedules; Fee Recovery for Fiscal Year 2021 (86 FR 32146, June 17, 2021).

  1. Estimate of Other Additional Costs

The affected licensees may mail hard copies of the completed NRC Form 790 to the NRC for processing on a monthly basis. The annual estimated cost for mailing the package to the NRC on a monthly basis is calculated as follows:

($10 per package x 12 months = $120) x 2 respondents = $240

There are no other additional costs.

  1. Estimated Annualized Cost to the Federal Government

The staff has developed estimates of annualized costs to the Federal Government related to the conduct of this collection of information. These estimates are based on staff experience and subject matter expertise and include the burden needed to review, analyze, and process the collected information and any relevant operational expenses. The estimated annualized cost to the Federal Government to administer the program and procedures contained in 10 CFR Part 95 or NRC MD 12.2 is $2,399.04.

This was computed as follows:

Licensees and licensees’ contractor submissions: (100 responses per year x 5 minutes to process each form = 8.33 hours) x $288 per hour = $2,399.04.

The total cost to the Government is $2,399.04.

  1. Reasons for Changes In Burden or Cost

The burden decreased from 53.6 hours to 8.33 hours, a change of 45.27 hours. The number of responses decreased from 500 to 100.

The reason for the changes in the estimate for the upcoming clearance period is based on recent data and staff experience with the program. The staff attributes the decrease to the lack of new classified information being generated as a result of the maturity of the licensees’ programs. In addition, the respondent cost increased due to the increase in the fee rate from $275 to $288/hour.

  1. Publication for Statistical Use

NRC staff tabulates the information contained on the form and provides it to the National Archives and Records Administration’s ISOO, as needed. There is no other publication for statistical use.

  1. Reason for Not Displaying the Expiration Date

The expiration date is displayed on NRC Form 790.

  1. Exceptions to the Certification Statement

Not applicable.


Statistical methods are not used in this collection of information.

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