Form 1 EAC Progress Report

EAC Progress Report (EAC-PR)

REVISED EAC Progress Report 2021 (collection instrument)

EAC Progress Report (EAC-PR)

OMB: 3265-0021

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Election Assistance Commission Progress Report
Updated 12/21/2021
Section I: Cover Page

Grant Information
2. Federal Grant or Other Identifying Number Assigned by
Federal Agency

1. State or Territory
3. Grant
4. Report Type


Other [e.g. CARES]:

5. Report Period
Start Date (Month, Day, Year)


Election Security

Report Information


End Date (Month, Day, Year)

Section II: Progress and Narrative

Instructions: Reports due for the period ending March 31 should describe the activities of the
previous six-month period and reports due for the period ending September 30 should cover the
previous 12- month period. Final reports should cover the entire performance period from the
start of the grant.
Additional guidance can be found on our website: grants/financial-progress-reporting
EAC grants reports will be made publicly available. Therefore, your report narrative should:
• Be written in clear, concise, and plain language
• Not include sensitive confidential information
6. Describe in detail what happened during this reporting period and explain how you
implemented the approved grant activities in accordance with your State Plan/Program
Narrative. (Note: Your activities should align with your category expenditures in Section IV
and you may use those categories as headings in your response as applicable.)
Check if no activity during this reporting period.

7. Provide a description of any training conducted, including security training.
Check if no training was conducted during this reporting period.

8. Report on the number and type of articles of voting equipment obtained with the funds. Include
the amount expended on the expenditure chart.
Check if no voting equipment purchased during this reporting period.
9. Subgrants (if applicable)
Check if no subgrants were made during this reporting period.
Describe the activities carried out by your subgrantees during the reporting period.

10. Provide a breakdown of aggregate subaward expenditures across major categories.
(Total subaward expenditures should be provided in the expenditure table in Section IV).
Voting Equipment

Federal Expenditures

Voting Processes

Voter Registration Systems
Election Auditing

Cyber and Physical Security
Voter Education

11. Match (if applicable)
Check if match not required.
Describe how you are meeting or have met the matching requirement.


Section III: Challenges and Changes

12. Issues Encountered
Check if no major issues encountered during this reporting period.
Describe any issues that arose during the implementation of the project.

Describe how and whether the issues were resolved. Also, briefly discuss the implications of any
unresolved issues or concerns.

13. Describe any significant changes to your program during the reporting period, including
changes to your original State Plan/Program Narrative or favorable developments that improved
program efficiency and/or service delivery.
Check if no significant changes were made during this reporting period.

Section IV: Expenditures

14. Fill out the table below with both the Federal and State Match expenditures for the current
reporting period. Include federal and state interest expenditures and write-in any cost areas that do
not fit into the predefined categories. If applicable, the subgrants field should align with the total
amount reported in your narrative section discussing subgrants. Calculate total expenditures for
each column, including any write-in expenditures.
Expenditures should be consistent with the activities described in your narrative and with the
amounts in your financial reports. (EAC uses the difference between your current and previous
period FFR to calculate current period expenditures).
Voting Equipment
Voting Processes
Voter Registration Systems
Election Auditing
Cyber and Physical Security
Voter Education
Other (write in):



State Match


Section V: Final Assessment

The final progress report is your opportunity to share the significant successes of your project
and present information about the results your project achieved. The report should cover the
entire period of performance.

15. Self-Assessment – Assess whether the goals set out in your State plan/Narrative were met as
intended during the grant program. Highlight any needs that were not met or ongoing/under
resourced areas for future consideration.

16. Impact and Achievements - Describe how this grant program impacted elections in your
state/territory. Highlight your accomplishments and successes.

17. Lessons Learned – Describe any lessons learned during the grant that may be replicated,
expanded and/or help others.

Section VI: Certification

18. Name and Contact of the authorized certifying official.
First and Last Name
Phone Number

19. Signature of Certifying Official


Email Address


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File TitleElection Assistance Commision Progress Report
AuthorRisa Garza
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