Strengthening Child Welfare Systems to Achieve Expected Child and Family Outcomes Evaluation

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Strengthening Child Welfare Systems to Achieve Expected Child and Family Outcomes Evaluation
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In 2018, the Children’s Bureau (CB) awarded five demonstration projects through the Strengthening Child Welfare Systems (SCWS) to Achieve Expected Child and Family Outcomes grant cluster for the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies that improve social work and other organizational practices and improve permanency and other child welfare outcomes as measured by the Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSRs). Through this grant opportunity, CB contracted with James Bell Associates (JBA) to conduct a study to understand the experiences of the SCWS grant recipients in the implementation of their grant interventions and learn how implementation activities supported or hindered the grant recipients’ ability to achieve expected outcomes related to child safety, permanency, and well-being. The study team will collect information from SCWS grant recipients and conduct a comprehensive document review to (1) understand the implementation processes of grant interventions and (2) examine whether and the degree to which grant recipients were able to address common CFSR safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes. Through the data collected for the study, CB expects to have a better understanding of the factors associated with the successful implementation of grant interventions, whether interventions were successful in improving targeted outcomes, and the ability of grant recipients to sustain the interventions.

US Code: 42 USC 5113(b)(4) Name of Law: Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform Act of 1978

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  88 FR 35884 06/01/2023
88 FR 62797 09/13/2023

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