On-Line Architectural Barriers Act Complaint Form

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On-Line Architectural Barriers Act Complaint Form
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The U.S. Access Board is statutorily charged with enforcing the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), which is aimed at ensuring that federal and federally-funded (non-government) buildings and facilities (such as schools, public housing, and public transit facilities) are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Any individual who is are concerned about the accessibility of an ABA-covered building or facility may file a complaint with the Access Board. The agency investigates each ABA complaint and, if violations are found, works with the agency to remedy the accessibility barriers. ABA complaints can be filed any one of several ways, but, the Online ABA Complaint Form is - by far - the most popular mode. The online form is user-friendly and promotes greater efficiency, clarity, and timeliness in the filing of ABA complaints. The online form contains fields that prompt users to provide the information needed by the agency to evaluate ABA jurisdiction and conduct investigations, such as the building’s name or address and brief description of accessibility barriers encountered. Complainants may optionally upload digital photos or other materials to support their complaints. The online form does not require entry of personal information for complaint submission; ABA complaints may be submitted anonymously. However, individuals who wish to be kept informed of the status or resolution of their complaint must, at minimum, provide some type of contact information (i.e., email address, phone number, mailing address). By regulation, any personal information provided by ABA complainants remains strictly confidential absent written permission for disclosure.

US Code: 29 USC 792(b)(1) Name of Law: Rehabilitation Act of 1973
   US Code: 42 USC 4151 Name of Law: Architectural Barriers Act

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  88 FR 38015 06/12/2023
88 FR 55997 08/17/2023

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Online ABA Complaint Form 3014-0012 Online Architectural Barriers Act Complaint Form

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We estimate a small increase of the number of ABA complainants that will use the form.

Christopher Kuczynski 202 272-0042 [email protected]

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