OMB 0579-0146

OMB 0579-0146

The purpose of this information collection is to provide the assignment of State TB risk classifications, the creation of TB risk status zones within the same State, and for the conduct of tests before regulated animals are permitted to move interstate. This system enhances the ability of States to move healthy TB free animals.

The latest form for Tuberculosis expires 2023-03-31 and can be found here.

Latest Forms, Documents, and Supporting Material
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Federal Enterprise Architecture: Natural Resources - Agricultural Innovation and Services

Form VS 1-23Appraisal and Indemity ReportPaper OnlyForm
Form VS 6-22BTuberculosis Test Record - Continuation SheetPaper OnlyForm
Form VS 10-4Specimen SubmissionPaper OnlyForm and instruction
Form VS 6-22Cooperative State - Federal Tuberculosis Eradication Program Tuberculosis Test RecordPaper OnlyForm
Form VS 1-27Restricted Animals Movement PermitPaper OnlyForm
Form VS 1-24Proceeds from Animals/Animal Products/Materials Sold for SalvagePaper OnlyForm
Form VS 1-27AContinuation Sheet for VS 1-27, Permit for Movement of AnimalsPaper OnlyForm

Review document collections for all forms, instructions, and supporting documents - including paper/printable forms.

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