Recreational Angler Survey of Sea Turtle Interactions

OMB 0648-0774

OMB 0648-0774

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) would like to conduct an intercept survey to assess the extent of interactions between recreational anglers on piers and other shore-based fishing structures and sea turtles. This survey will also assess the feasibility of an intercept survey for this purpose in terms response rates and data collection. The survey will be administered on piers and other fixed structures nationwide, but focused within NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region and Southeast Region, and will survey approximately 36,000 individual recreational fisherman. The respondents will be verbally asked a series of questions, no longer than 10 minutes, and the interviewer will record answers. Members of the Stranding Network will also complete sea turtle entanglement intake forms when applicable.

The latest form for Recreational Angler Survey of Sea Turtle Interactions expires 2021-12-31 and can be found here.

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Angler Intercept Survey

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Natural Resources - Conservation, Marine and Land Management

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