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OMB 0651-0081

OMB 0651-0081

Public Law 113–227 (Dec. 16, 2014) requires the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to establish regulations and procedures for application to, and participation in, the USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Program (LSCCP). The LSCCP Program allows students enrolled in a participating law school’s clinic to practice patent or trademark law before the USPTO under the direct supervision of a faculty clinic supervisor. Each clinic provides legal services on a pro bono basis for clients who qualify for assistance from the law school’s clinic. By drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent and trademark applications, students gain valuable experience that would otherwise be unavailable to them while in law school. The program also facilitates the provision of pro bono services to trademark and patent applicants who lack the financial resources necessary for traditional legal representation. In 2020, there were 60 law schools participating. This information collection covers the applications from law schools that wish to enter the program, faculty advisors who seek to become a faculty clinic supervisor, and students who seek to participate in this program. The information collection also includes the required biannual reports from participating law school clinics and biennial renewals required by the program as well as the request to make special under the Law School Clinic Certification Program, which allows a limited number of applications per semester to be advanced out of turn (accorded special status) for examination if the applicant makes the appropriate showing, to provide law students with practical experience as they will be more likely to receive substantive examination of applications within the school year that the application is filed.

The latest form for Law School Clinic Certification Program expires 2023-04-30 and can be found here.

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