[NCEZID] Laboratory Response Network

OMB 0920-0850

OMB 0920-0850

The Laboratory Response Network is an integrated national and international network of laboratories that can respond to suspected acts of biological, chemical, or radiological terrorism and other public health emergencies. Member laboratories submit information regarding the testing capabilities of the laboratory; report all biological and chemical testing results; and participate in Proficiency Testing Challenges or Validation. The goal of the study is to identify gaps in preparedness for biological threats and emerging infectious diseases. The data will be used to develop strategies, policies, and operating procedures for responding to biological threat emergencies. The LRN website, Results Messenger data exchange application, and Special Data Calls Questionnaires are methods used to collect data from member laboratories. There is a reduction in Burden Hours from the previously approved collection due to a decrease in participating laboratories.

The latest form for [NCEZID] Laboratory Response Network expires 2022-04-30 and can be found here.

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LRN General Surveillance Testing Results

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Health - Public Health Monitoring

Form 0920-0850General Surveillance TestingNAForm and instruction

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