[NCEH] Asthma Information Reporting System (AIRS)

OMB 0920-0853

OMB 0920-0853

The purpose of this information collection (IC) is to continue CDC's monitoring of recipient programs' planning and delivery of public health activities and the programs' collaboration with health care systems. The 30 recipients receive funding to implement a variety of public health strategies and activities related to asthma. AIRS is the system by which state asthma programs report their progress on National Asthma Control Program developed performance measures (PM), as well as state-level asthma emergency department (ED) visit and hospital discharge (HD) data.

The latest form for [NCEH] Asthma Information Reporting System (AIRS) expires 2023-05-31 and can be found here.

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AIRS Performance Measures Reporting

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Form 0920-0853AIRS Performance Measure A. Health Care Reform OpportunitiesFillable FileableForm

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