Triennial Network Adequacy Review for Medicare Advantage Organizations and 1876 Cost Plans (CMS-10636)

OMB 0938-1346

OMB 0938-1346

This proposed collection of information is essential to appropriate and timely compliance monitoring by CMS, in order to ensure that all active MAO contracts offering network-based plans maintain an adequate network. Currently, CMS verifies that MAOs are compliant with the current CMS network adequacy criteria by performing a contract-level network review, which occurs when CMS requests that an MAO upload provider and facility Health Service Delivery (HSD) tables for a given contract to the Health Plan Management System (HPMS). If an MAO does not have its contract-level network formally reviewed by CMS after the initial contract application process, then there is no CMS requirement for a network adequacy review unless one of the above listed triggering events occurs. Therefore, CMS is proposing this collection of information in order to improve monitoring of MAOs’ network adequacy. This collection of information requires the uploading of HSD tables to the Network Management Module (NMM) in HPMS for any contract that has not had an entire network review performed by CMS in the previous three years of contract operation. The collection process will occur at the contract level for each MAO that qualifies, and CMS will assess each contract against the current CMS network adequacy criteria. Each time an MAO’s contract undergoes an entire network review during any of the triggering events listed on page one, the three-year anniversary date for that contract will be reset, and CMS will maintain an HPMS report to keep track of this date for every active network-based contract.

The latest form for Triennial Network Adequacy Review for Medicare Advantage Organizations and 1876 Cost Plans (CMS-10636) expires 2021-01-31 and can be found here.

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