Representative Payment Policies Regulation

OMB 0960-0679

OMB 0960-0679

Per 20 CFR 404.2011 and 20 CFR 416.611 of the Code of Federal Regulations, if SSA determines it may cause substantial harm for recipients to receive their payments directly, recipients may dispute that decision. To do so, recipients provide SSA with information the agency uses to re-evaluate its determination. In addition, after SSA selects a representative payee to receive benefits on a recipient's behalf, the payees provide SSA with information on their continuing relationship and responsibility for the recipients, and explain how they use the recipients' payments. Sections 20 CFR 404.2025 and 20 CFR 416.625 of the Code of Federal Regulations provide a process to follow up with the representative payee to verify payee performance. The respondents are Title II and Title XVI recipients, and their representative payees.

The latest form for Representative Payment Policies Regulation expires 2021-10-31 and can be found here.

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20 CFR 416.611 (a) (1) and 20 CFR416.11 (a) (1)

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