Information Comparision with Insurance Data

OMB 0970-0342

OMB 0970-0342

The Insurance Match program is a cooperative effort between states, insurers, and the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) to help state child support agencies collect past-due child support from noncustodial parents. Using an efficient, secure, and cost-effective automated matching process, OCSE works with participating insurers to help states collect past-due support for families by comparing noncustodial parents active on the OCSE Debtor File to individuals eligible to receive a payment from an insurance claim, settlement, award, or payment (hereinafter, “claim”). State agency and insurer participation in the Insurance Match program is voluntary; however, there are 12 states that have specific mandates for insurers to report claims. The Insurance Match program assists with meeting these state mandates. This request is for a revision of a currently approved information collection. Changes since the previous approval pertain to an increase in the burden due to an increase in the number of participating insurers. The information collection instruments have not changed.

The latest form for Information Comparision with Insurance Data expires 2024-01-31 and can be found here.

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Insurance Match File: Monthly Reporting Electronically

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Community and Social Services - Social Services

Form 1OCSE Insurance Match Standard Input File RecordFillable FileableForm and instruction

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