National Inmate Survey (NIS) Prisons

OMB 1121-0311

OMB 1121-0311

The National Prison Rape Statistics Program is a collection mandated by Congress in the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. The National Inmate Survey is the only national source of information on the number of sexual assault victims within correctional facilities. This part of the collection fulfills the legislative requirement to obtain data directly from prison inmates in order to generate a facility level estimate of sexual assault.

The latest form for National Inmate Survey (NIS) Prisons expires 2023-06-30 and can be found here.

Latest Forms, Documents, and Supporting Material
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National Inmate Survey, 2010

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Correctional Activities - Criminal Incarceration

Form PAPINational Inmate SurveyPrintable OnlyForm and instruction
Form No NumberA NIS Questionnaire Fillable FileableForm
Form No NumberNational Inmate Survey Year 3 AltFillable FileableForm
Form NIS PAPI F12NIS PAPI F12Fillable FileableForm
Form NIS PAPA ArriveNIS PAPI ArriveFillable FileableForm
Form NIS PAPI MNIS PAPI MFillable FileableForm
Form DNIS PAPIFillable FileableForm
Form NIS-FQ-1NIS Facility QuestionnaireFillable FileableForm and instruction
Form NIS - PilotNational Inmate Survey: Year 3 PilotFillable FileableForm and instruction

Review document collections for all forms, instructions, and supporting documents - including paper/printable forms.

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