Diesel-Powered Equipment in Underground Coal Mines

OMB 1219-0119

OMB 1219-0119

MSHA requires mine operators to provide important safety and health protections to underground coal miners who work on and around diesel-powered equipment. The engines powering diesel equipment are potential contributors to fires and explosion hazards in the confined environment of an underground coal mine where combustible coal dust and explosive methane gas are present. Diesel equipment operating in underground coal mines also can pose serious health risks to miners from exposure to diesel exhaust emissions, including diesel particulates, oxides of nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. Diesel exhaust is a lung carcinogen in animals. This information collection includes maintenance and use of diesel equipment; tests and maintenance of fire suppression systems on both the equipment and at fueling stations; and exhaust gas sampling. Records are required to document that essential testing and maintenance of diesel- powered equipment are conducted regularly by qualified persons; that corrective actions are taken; and the persons performing the maintenance, repairs, examinations, and tests are trained and qualified to perform such tasks. Safety requirements for diesel equipment include many of the proven features required in existing standards for electric-powered mobile equipment, such as cabs or canopies, methane monitors, brakes and lights. Sampling of diesel exhaust emissions is required to protect miners from overexposure to carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide contained in diesel exhaust. Information collection requirements are found in: section 75.1901(a), Diesel fuel requirements; section 75.1904(b)(4)(i), Underground diesel fuel tanks and safety cans; Section 75.1906(d), Transport of diesel fuel; section 75.1911(j), Fire suppression systems for diesel-powered equipment and fuel transportation units; section 75.1912(i), Fire suppression systems for permanent underground diesel fuel storage facilities; sections 75.1914(f)(2), (g), (h)(1), and (h)(2), Maintenance of diesel-powered equipment; sections 75.1915(b)(5), (c)(1), and (c)(2), Training and qualification of persons working on diesel-powered equipment.

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