FinCEN Form 112 - Currency Transaction Report

OMB 1506-0064

OMB 1506-0064

Under 31 U.S.C. 5313, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to require financial institutions to report currency transactions exceeding $10,000. Regulations implementing 31 U.S.C. 5313 are found at 31 CFR 1010.310 through 1010.314, 31 CFR 1021.311, and 31 CFR 1021.313. Financial institutions are required to report currency transactions over $10,000 conducted by, or on behalf of, one person, as well as multiple currency transactions that aggregate to be over $10,000 in a single day. These transactions are reported on FinCEN Report 112- Currency Transaction Report (“CTR”). The reports of transactions in currency regulatory requirements are currently covered under the following OMB control numbers: 1506-0004 (General provisions - 31 CFR 1010.310 - Reports of transactions in currency, 31 CFR 1010.311 - Filing obligations for reports of transactions in currency, 31 CFR 1010.312 - Identification required, 31 CFR 1010.313 - Aggregation, and 31 CFR 1010.314 - Structured transactions), and 1506-0005 (Rules for casinos and card clubs - 31 CFR 1021.311 - Reports of transaction in currency, and 31 CFR 1021.313 - Aggregation). OMB control number 1506-0064 applies to FinCEN Report 112 - CTR. An administrative burden of one hour is assigned to each of the CTR regulation OMB control numbers in order to maintain the requirements in force. The reporting and recordkeeping burden is reflected in FinCEN Report 112 – Currency Transaction Report (“CTR”) under OMB control number 1506-0064. The rationale for assigning one burden hour to each of the CTR regulation OMB control numbers is that the annual burden hours would be double counted if FinCEN estimated burden in each CTR regulation OMB control number and in the CTR OMB control number.

The latest form for FinCEN Form 112 - Currency Transaction Report expires 2023-09-30 and can be found here.

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