Form 4506-C, IVES Request for Transcript of Tax Return

OMB 1545-1872

OMB 1545-1872

Internal Revenue Code section 7513 allows taxpayers to request a copy of a tax return or related products. Form 4506-T is used to request all products except copies of returns. The information provided will be used to search the taxpayers account and provide the requested information and to ensure that the requestor is the taxpayer or someone authorized by the taxpayer to obtain the documents requested. Form 4506-C is used to permit the cleared and vetted Income Verification Express Service (IVES) participants to request tax return information on the behalf of the authorizing taxpayer.

The latest form for Form 4506-C, IVES Request for Transcript of Tax Return expires 2023-03-31 and can be found here.

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Request for Transcript of Tax Return

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