Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL)

OMB 1845-0126

OMB 1845-0126

This is a request for an extension of the information collection for forms HEAL 502-1 and 502-2, HEAL repayment schedules and form HEAL 512, Holder's Report on HEAL program loans. The forms 502-1 and 502-2 provide the borrowers with any updated repayment schedule including the cost of the loan, number and amount of payments with Truth-in-Lending disclosures. The form 512 is prepared quarterly and provides information on the status of outstanding loans such as the number of borrowers by stage of loan life-cycle, repayment status and the corresponding dollars.

The latest form for Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) expires 2022-06-30 and can be found here.

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Holder's Report on Health Education Assistance Loans HEAL Form 512

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Education - Higher Education

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