FERC-920 (Electric Quarterly Report (EQR))

OMB 1902-0255

OMB 1902-0255

Commission Order of 6/18/2020:FERC revises its Electric Quarterly Report (EQR, FERC-920) reporting requirements to require time zone information to be reported in connection with transmission capacity reassignments. The Commission clarifies the information that should be reported in the EQR with respect to ancillary services, including black start service, and tariff-related information. Note that the added hours of burden are added to the current EQR filing requirements, and burden related to one-time implementation and ongoing maintenance are averaged over Years 1-3. After Year 3, the added burden due to time zone information, will be 0.5 hrs. per quarterly response per respondent. There are not any additional responses (with this added burden slightly increasing the existing burden per response), however splitting this requirement into a new IC displays an added 34 responses. General Background on EQR: EQR information allows the Commission and the public to gain a more complete picture of interstate wholesale electric power and transmission markets by providing information concerning price formation and market concentration in these markets. Public access to power sales and transmission-related information in the EQR improves market participants’ ability to assess supply and demand fundamentals and to price interstate wholesale electric market transactions. This, in turn, results in greater market confidence, lower transaction costs, and ultimately supports competitive markets. In addition, the data filed in the EQR strengthens the Commission’s ability to exercise its oversight and enforcement responsibilities of wholesale electric and electric power transmission rates in accordance with the Federal Power Act. Without this information, the Commission would lack some of the data it needs to examine and approve or modify electric rates. It also strengthens the Commission’s ability to identify potential exercises of market power or manipulation and to better evaluate the competitiveness of interstate wholesale electric markets.

The latest form for FERC-920 (Electric Quarterly Report (EQR)) expires 2022-11-30 and can be found here.

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