Locomotive Cab Sanitation Standards

OMB 2130-0552

OMB 2130-0552

This collection of information is mandatory, collected as needed, and is associated with FRA's rule 49 CFR 229.137 and 229.139. It involves both reporting and recordkeeping requirements. The collection of information requires railroads to clearly mark defective toilet facilities as unavailable for use when these locomotive units are placed in a trailing position or in switching, transfer train service. This information is used by locomotive crewmembers as a warning to avoid using a locomotive toilet facility which is defective, unsanitary, or both. Additionally, the information collection is used by FRA to promote rail safety and the health of railroad workers by ensuring that all locomotive crew members have access to adequate sanitary facilities.

The latest form for Locomotive Cab Sanitation Standards expires 2023-12-31 and can be found here.

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