Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Assessment Requirements

OMB 2137-0605

OMB 2137-0605

Operators of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines are required to document the continual assessment and evaluation of their pipelines' integrity through inspection or testing, as well as remedial preventive, and mitigative actions. Revisions to this information are due to the Pipeline Safety: Safety of On-Shore Hazardous Liquid Pipelines final rule which requires that, in cases where a determination about pipeline threats has not been obtained within 180 days following the date of inspection, pipeline operators must notify PHMSA in writing and provide an expected date when adequate information will become available. Operators must also to notify PHMSA if they are unable to assess their pipeline via an in-line inspection. Operators who choose to use an alternate assessment method must demonstrate that their pipeline is not capable of accommodating an in-line inspection tool and that the use of an alternative assessment method will provide a substantially equivalent understanding of the condition of the pipeline. This mandatory record keeping requirement supports the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “SAFETY STRATEGIC GOAL” which targets three main strategic initiatives: managing risk and integrity, sharing responsibility, and providing effective stewardship. This goal enhances public health and safety by working toward the elimination of transportation-related deaths and injuries. This information is used by PHMSA to determine compliance with federal pipeline safety regulations and is also used by Agency and State Officials to assist federal and state pipeline safety inspectors who audit this information when they conduct compliance inspections and to provide background for failure investigations.

The latest form for Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Assessment Requirements expires 2023-04-30 and can be found here.

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