American Survey of Mortgage Borrowers (ASMB)

OMB 2590-0015

OMB 2590-0015

FHFA is seeking OMB clearance for a previously approved collection of information known as the "American Survey of Mortgage Borrowers" (ASMB). The ASMB is a periodic voluntary survey of individuals who currently have a first mortgage loan secured by single-family residential property. It solicits information on borrowers’ experience with maintaining their existing mortgages, including their experience maintaining mortgages under financial stress, their experience in soliciting financial assistance, their success in accessing federally-sponsored programs designed to assist them, and, where applicable, any challenges they may have had in terminating a mortgage loan.

The latest form for American Survey of Mortgage Borrowers (ASMB) expires 2021-03-31 and can be found here.

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ASMB - Pre-Testing the Survey Materials through Focus Groups

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