Section 73.1620, Program Tests

OMB 3060-0182

OMB 3060-0182

The nofification in 47 CFR Section 73.1620(a) alerts the Commission that construction of a station has been completed and that the station is broadcasting program material. 47 CFR 73.1620(b) requires the filing of a construction permit application to bring the station in compliance with FCC rules and policies. The notification in 47 CFR Section 73.1620(f) alerts the UHF translator station that the potential of interference exists. The report in 47 CFR Section 73.1620(g) stating deviations are necessary to eliminate possible abuses of the FCC's processes and to ensure that comparative promises relating to service the the public are not inflated.

The latest form for Section 73.1620, Program Tests expires 2021-05-31 and can be found here.

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