Sections 74.781, 74.1281 and 78.69, Station Records

OMB 3060-0249

OMB 3060-0249

47 CFR Section 74.781 and 74.1281 require licensees of low power television, TV translator and TV booster stations to maintain adequate station records. These records shall include the current instrument of authorization, official correspondence with the FCC, contracts, permission for rebroadcasts, and other pertinent documents. Section 74.1281 requires maintenance records to be kept too. These rule sections require that records are kept on any observed or otherwise known extinguishment or improper functioning of a tower light. Section 78.69 requires that licensees of cable television relay stations maintain various reocrds, including but not limited to records pertaining to transmissions, unscheduled interruptions to transmissions, maintenance, observations, inspections, and repairs. All station records are required to be maintained for a period of not less than two years.

The latest form for Sections 74.781, 74.1281 and 78.69, Station Records expires 2023-12-31 and can be found here.

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Section 74.781, Station Records

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